Engineering Services

Softivia provides full-life cycle engineering services in the design, construction, and maintenance of processes, systems, applications, architectural models, data centers and networks, and infrastructures. It maximizes and applies its employees' knowledge, experience, and education in the provision of planning, specifications, modeling and simulation, architectural work, development, and construction of public and private systems.

Management Services

Softivia provides services in all aspects of program and operational management including program management office (PMO) support, organizational and program planning, budgeting and finance, project management, implementation, training, project risk analysis, stakeholder management, contracts administration, and communications.

Research & Development Services

Softivia provides its sponsors services related to research and development including identification of problems, specification of research purposes, hypothesis, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and documentation and reporting of findings and recommendations.

Providing leading services, including


Trusted Advisory Services

Softivia prides itself first and foremost as a trusted advisor for its clients and sponsors. It provides value-added consultations and support to its customers. We look into our customer’s problems from a holistic approach and constantly go beyond routine consultations and work hard to deliver detailed technical information and advice.


Enterprise Systems Evaluation and Assessment Services

Using best practices and methods, Softivia provides comprehensive enterprise systems evaluations and assessments. Our experienced employees will analyze enterprise applications and provide technical reports that specify requirements for modernizations, system security, application innovations, roadmaps and timeframes for transitioning systems and public infrastructures, and software systems development efforts.


Architectural Modeling & Simulation

Using modern modeling and simulation technology, Softivia provides modeling and simulation of enterprise systems and public infrastructure architectures. Products may include reusable platform-independent system architectures, analysis and optimal solutions for specific technical issues, and educational and training materials.


Professional Support Services

Softivia provides comprehensive support for the development and maintenance of corporate and government systems including hardware, software, and network systems. We provide solutions for all categories of information technologies.

Reliable customer services

In its service provisions, Softivia adheres to industry standards on performance improvement; quality management of customer’s needs, and follows process specifications in its practices.

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Additional services
  • Development of Program and Project Plans

  • IT, Systems and Infrastructure Modernization & Expansion Advice

  • Systems Evaluation & Assessment

  • Systems & Infrastructure Research & Innovation