Who we are

Business Profile

Softivia provides information technology, engineering, business, and management consulting services to its customers. An internationally recognized leader in the design and implementation of large-scale information and communications systems, computing infrastructure engineering & services, and systems & infrastructure engineering & consulting, Softivia continues growing its business and building a profitable company.

Long-term Investment Strategies

Softivia will maintain investments in business portfolios such as professional services in cloud computing, data centers and network engineering. In addition to these areas, and as the emerging high tech and infrastructure engineering markets mature enough, Softivia envisions expanding its business into systems development, integration and maintenance of ultra-large scale systems.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Softivia will also play in the development and marketing of service-oriented and mobile applications. With smart growth-oriented joint venture investments and by forging strategic alliances and partnerships with major technology, engineering, and management companies, Softivia will continue to serve as lead systems integrator.

Expansion and Growth Plans

The Softivia systems infrastructure business unit will continue to operate in the modernization of computing infrastructure systems. The training and education business unit will provide corporate consulting, training, and certification services. A specialized segment of Softivia business continues to perform as a research and development business unit.

What we offer


Software Systems Engineering & Consulting Services

Our Company provides full life-cycle development services, and support in the maintenance and operations of software systems for businesses and government agencies. We provide engineering services for large and complex software intensive systems including specifications, modeling and simulation of modern architectural systems and processes, implementation and construction of secure systems, adaptation and evolution of systems, and enterprise transition support for aging systems.


Computing Infrastructure Engineering & Consulting Services

Our Company provides support and full life-cycle transformation, standardization, virtualization, automation and engineering of security for all corporate and government enterprise needs for cloud computing and data centers. Our engineers provide consultation services and support for all works related to enterprise hardware, software platforms, tools and processes using modern IT virtualization technologies and management platforms.


Public Infrastructure Engineering & Consulting Services

Our Company provides professional and engineering services for the design and construction of corporate and public infrastructures. Our engineers are experts in the engineering, design, development and maintenance of public systems such as healthcare Systems, security and defense systems, and educational systems.


Research & Development Services

In addition to construction and implementation of systems, our Company also performs funded and sponsored research on systems, networks, big data centers, infrastructures, and organizational behaviors. We also provide professional services related to evaluations and studies that help corporations and governments determine system performances.

Company History

Softivia was founded in 2000 as full-fledged engineering and management company specializing in large scale systems.

Originally founded as Softivia Technologies, the company's name has changed to Softivia Systems Corporation. Softivia retains its vision for innovation, exceptional customer service, and quality products.

Since its founding, Softivia has performed data center management, network engineering, and research and development.